Digital Printing Benefits


Digital Printing is expanding faster than ever. We are seeing the rise of Digital Printing technology that is pushing the limits of printing in a different way than offset printing has done in the past. These needs have given rise to the unique benefits and advantages of Digital Printing within our industry.



In traditional offset printing plates are used to create a repetitive ink impression on a roller, then transfers this exact image to paper. Modern offset printing accomplishes this quickly, and consistently. But digital printing uses a completely different method. This is where the benefits of digital printing come in to play, showing us why we need digital printing in business.



Digital printing benefits are possible by utilizing various technologies creating a unique image with every rotation where the ink, dry toner in digital presses, are transferred to the substrate as it passes through. These unique images are then cleaned up and the surface reused immediately. This process starts to show us the amazing benefits of digital printing.




Advantages of Digital Printing





Fast setup


Digital presses are able to create images directly from the digital files and do not require etched plates like offset. This makes for the quickest setup as nothing needs to be changed from one job to the next. Digital presses can switch from one job to another without even cycling down often. This passes along the cost savings to the customer for these small runs.

Low cost digital jobs are very common because of very little waste. No make ready sheets like offset uses to get the color just right. If the digital press is in good working condition and calibrated, the first exiting sheet will be as good as the last of the print run. Only load the file and paper necessary for the job, and it’s ready to go.


Hard Proofs are a no brainer



At Disc Pro Graphics our digital-on-demand team creates a hard proof for every job as a standard. We are able to quickly display the color consistency and quality of printing on the chosen paper for your job. Digital printing allows this to be fast and easy.

Small Job and low cost Printing



With small runs and no costs for set up, digital printing keeps costs low. You are not obligated by costs to print a minimum to make it cost effective as offset does. You can print a single business card in a small batch run keeping your cost limited to exactly hat you need.

High quality imaging


Digital Imaging has the ability to match a larger color gamut than offset by up to 20%. With precise write heads up to 600 Dpi, Digital printing provides high quality image printing right at Disc Pro Graphics.


Individual Designs

With the low price of printing digitally, you can design lots of unique prints for every inspiration. This makes testing small batches affordable and the effectiveness of your design. Digital printing allows you to customize specific runs for an individual whether it’s business cards or other single use case signs for your marketing team. Take advantage of trying something new to see how effective it is when you print on a digital press.

Quick Turn around times

Digital Printing has less steps in general from beginning to end. This naturally leads to faster turn around times than offset printing and is a major advantage to going the digital route.






Eco Friendly Printing



The plating process from offset printing is a skipped step in the digital process. This unnecessary procedure in the digital printing process, saves material from being discarded during every job. Paper that is commonly referred to as “make ready” is used in the offset setup printing process. Which is not necessary for digital printed jobs. Further reducing environmental waste and the carbon footprint. There are many reasons Digital printing is sustainable.

Digital VS. oFFSET printing


These benefits should help you start to navigate the printing benefits between offset and digital. Make sure you understand the benefits of offset printing to completely make your decision on what to use.



Printing has come a long way since its inception. With the aid of computers it has taken printing into the digital era. At Disc Pro Graphics we love pushing the boundaries of what our digital presses can do for our customers. Testing out new designs, multiple passes and papers that are newly developed. We hope this gives you a good understanding of the benefits of Digital Printing at Disc Pro Graphics.




If you decided you are wanting to utilize the strength of digital printing here are some amazing tips for designing intended for Digital Presses. When all is said and done, make sure you check out our best tips for preparing digital files for printing. Let us know how we can help get your print job started. We look forward to seeing what you come up with.


For a comprehensive understanding of how digital printing compares with other commercial printing techniques and their impact on business, explore our detailed guide on Mastering Commercial Printing: Techniques and Their Business Impacts.



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