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How To Reach Large Audiences with Direct Mail Services

Commercial Direct mail marketing service or advertising mail, offer business owners a way to reach a large audience with minimal effort. By targeting a specific area or by sending your advertising to a list of pre-approved customers, you can easily connect with potential new clients. And because direct mail is one of the most effective forms of advertising, you can be sure that your message will be seen by a wide range of people.

Get the most of this advertising ability by using a direct mail company like Disc Pro Graphics. We have lots of experience in the direct mail marketing space.

We offer the best direct mail services in the Houston area. We are proud of our professional mailing services and how they have grown to become the go to printing company for many in the Greater Houston Area.

The price of direct mailing services

Direct mail cost for printing services using targeted mailing lists are very cost effective. They are a great way to reach potential customers without breaking the bank. Disc Pro Graphics works with marketers to design direct mail marketing campaigns that can span over longer periods of time and lower the printing services costs as much as possible.

How large of an audience can you reach with direct mailing service?

There is no minimum audience size when it comes to direct mail. You can reach as small or as large of an audience as you want. The maximum audience size you can reach with direct mail will depend on the service you use. Some direct mail services have no limit to the audience size you can reach. No matter what your audience size, you can reach them.

To maximize your efforts and not waste money an experienced marketer can target a specific audience based off many factors. It’s very important to know which audience you need to target with your direct mail efforts.

How to target a specific audience

When using direct mail services to target a specific business objective, it’s important to consider the demographic data you’re working with. By understanding the Interests, age range, gender, and income levels, and marital status of those who live there, you can create a campaign that is more likely to be successful. You may also want to consider local businesses and their direct mail marketing strategies to get an idea of what will work best in your selected area.

One example of services you can use to target an audience is EDDM (every door direct mail). This services allows you to send your postcard, or flyer to every address, every home or address within a specific route. The USPS (United States Postal Service) carrier will deliver to your chosen target audience based off your demographic filters. This service does not require you to have a record of every address or name of the residents who live there.

Every door direct mail is just one Direct Mail Printing Service that Disc Pro Graphics offers.

Disc Pro Graphics offers other direct mail services such as

  • Parcel mailing
  • Match mail
  • Periodical Mailing
  • Political Campaign mailing services
  • Informed Delivery

Why would you want to target a specific audience?

1. You can better understand your target audience’s needs and wants.

2. You can tailor your message to fit the specific audience.

3. You can reach a larger audience with a more focused intent.

4. You can use direct mail to compete with other small businesses.

Defining your target audience


What you need to start an effective direct mail campaign

You’ll need a few simple things to get started

When starting a direct mail campaign, there are a few key pieces of information you will need in order to get started.

First your business objectives will queue up what type of info you want to put into your printed mail project. Whether drawing attention to a sale, or driving traffic to an event this will influence the next thing you’ll want. Keep the communication simple, add a clear call to action.

Second, designing your prints and working closely with the latest in digital printing for your variable data will allow you to more closely personalize your artwork and text to match your business objectives with your targeted audience.

Third is your target audience, you will need to know who you are targeting in order to create an effective campaign. Your audience can be as demographically chosen and limited as you need to promote your campaign to its fullest potential.

and last but not least, You’ll need Disc Pro Graphics, as your direct mail printing company to get this all printed and mailed in a timely manner. We specialize in Digital variable data and mailing campaigns on a daily basis. We are able create your personalized QR code for each of your mailing recipients to be as you need to be influential in their response to your marketing mail.

Things to remember when defining your target audience

Age, gender, income levels, marital status, and even children in the home can play a role in direct mail marketing. By understanding who your target audience is, you can better design a direct mail campaign that will be successful.

Next, we have psychographics, which are the psychological factors that influence how people make decisions. This includes things like personality, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyle.

For example, if you’re targeting a younger audience, you may want to consider influencers who keep up with the latest trends. On the other hand, if you’re targeting an older audience, you may want to consider those who are more interested in travel or music.

Previous customer behavior makes a huge influence on how to design your printed material for your targeted audience. comparing to your websites traffic and other data points you have on your current customers can be extremely beneficial.

Knowing your target audience is essential to creating a successful direct mail campaign. By understanding their needs and wants, you can better design a campaign that will reach them.

Types of Direct Mailing Lists

House Mailing list

This mailing list is made up of the company’s contacts. This proprietary list should include clients, subscribers, members, and other unique groups they may have created from interactions in the past.

Broker list

Generally speaking these can be categorized into a few groups.

Response mailing lists, and compiled mailing lists, While response list are direct results of previous responses from customers to other marketing and advertising mailing, they do tend to be more expensive but produce better results.

Compiled mailing list are a general mix of people who have been sorted by specific characteristics that would make them a prime target for your marketing message. These lists can be found at a lower price but are much larger because they do not strictly fall into a response mailing list.

Combining USPS Broker mailing lists with current customers house direct mailing lists

One of the best ways to reach your target audience is to combine your current customers house lists with USPS broker lists. This way, you create targeted mailing list that has the best of both worlds.

Types of Printed pieces for Direct Mail Marketing

1. Postcards

Direct mail postcards are one of the most popular pieces of advertising mail. They’re inexpensive to produce and can be a great way to reach a large

2. Flats

Flats are a great way to reach a large audience with your direct mail marketing message. They’re more expensive to produce than postcards, but they offer the most space for your message. Brochures, catalogs and envelopes can be used as flats.

3. Self-mailers

Direct Mail Mailers are a great way to reach a targeted audience with your direct mail marketing message. They’re more expensive to produce than postcards but less than flats, they offer a great amount of space but usually are just one sheet of paper folded.

4. Brochures

Direct Mail brochures are one of the most popular pieces of advertising mail. Brochures can be adapted to very unique designs and allow many folding options. Typically holding more information and postcards.

5. Flyers

Flyers are a popular type of advertising mail because they’re cheap to produce and can reach a large audience. They’re typically just one sheet of paper, and can be designed to look like a mini-poster.

Reaching your target audience with Disc Pro Graphics direct mail marketing service

Reach your target audience today with direct mail marketing services from Disc Pro Graphics, we are here to help you create, print, and execute your direct mail marketing campaign from start to finish! Disc Pro Graphics does not offer design services directly, but we work closely with many to provide direct mailing services for many digital marketing strategy agencies around the greater Houston area.

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