In the high-stakes world of business-to-business commercial printing, Disc Pro Graphics is a leader. At the core of our operations is the Xerox Versant 280, an asset that’s transformed the way we approach commercial digital printing.

Bradley Miller, Manager at Disc Pro Graphics, couldn’t be more pleased with the Versant 280’s performance. “This powerful machine isn’t just about producing top-quality, professional print materials, but it also embodies efficiency,” Miller says. “Despite its compact size, the Versant 280 packs a punch with its speed and versatility. We’ve been able to significantly increase production and reduce print times, all while preserving valuable space on our shop floor.”

The size-to-performance ratio of the Versant 280 has been a game-changer for Disc Pro Graphics. Its upgrade didn’t just bolster our printing capabilities—it smartly utilized our floor space, ensuring no expansion was necessary to accommodate its impressive productivity.

Disc Pro Graphics Digital Printing Xerox Versant 280 Commercial Business to business Printing

“The Versant 280 has proven to be an exceptional upgrade for us,” Miller reflects. “It didn’t cost us more in space and the extra production and speed has propelled our service to new heights. This machine is a testament to our commitment to adapt and evolve, providing cutting-edge solutions for our business clients’ diverse printing needs.”

From complex business presentations to large-scale promotional materials, the Xerox Versant 280 has become an integral part of our success story, proving that size doesn’t limit potential when it comes to delivering results in the fast-paced world of commercial digital printing.


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