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8 Offset Printing Benefits

Offset printing is a venerable printing tradition, that requires skill and years of technical aptitude to begin to master the art. The commercial printing industry has grown substantially since the days of early offset presses, and new technologies and processes have been developed to make this printing method even more reliable and consistent.

Disc Pro Graphics places great honor on its award winning offset printing capabilities. Coupled with commercial digital printing and Large format printing we have expanded spectrum of services we provide to satisfy the Houston Printing market.

Offset Printing has some of the widest ranges of benefits for large commercial business marketing needs. Disc Pro Graphics aims to utilize each and every one of these major advantages. Knowing the full range of benefits of digital printing and offset printing helps us manage how to best fit your job through production with the highest priority you have.

1. Fine detail printing with offset

Offset Printing quality is unrivaled in the print industry. The detailed imagery is the cornerstone of modern printing. Higher DPI’s (dots per square inch) and LPI’s (lines per square inch) as well as wider color gamuts all contribute to the impeccable image quality that is awe-inspiring for marketing professionals.

Another Offset Printing advantage related to print quality has to do with registration. When done correctly, this registration can result in much higher print quality than other methods, such as digital printing.

A third Offset Printing advantage in regards to print quality is a result of the way in which the ink is transferred to the substrate, it results in much less dot gain than other printing methods. Dot gain is when the dots of ink spread out on the paper, resulting in a loss of detail and a degradation of image quality.

2. Consistent High Image Quality

Offset Printing provides some of the most consistent fine imaging details available to the commercial printing industry. This is due to the fact that an image is first transferred onto a plate, and then that image is applied to the paper. This method ensures that every print will look exactly like the last one, with no color bleeding or degradation.

This is extremely important when trying to maintain a professional appearance for your company, and it’s one of the main reasons businesses choose Offset Printing over other methods.

3. UV Inks

Ultra Violet Inks used for offset printing provide special advantages to commercial offset printing. By adding Ultra Violet lamps to the press, the inks can be cured instantly as they are printed. This results in a much faster printing process, as well as a product that is more resistant to smudging and fingerprints. UV inks used in offset printing have the added benefit of brighter ranges of color gamut.

The UV curing process also makes the print more resistant to damage, such as sunlight and water. After considering the diminished amount of solvents used it is also a more environmental advantage for UV Inks.

4. Most options for substrates

Due to the fact that Offset Printing uses a plate to apply the ink to a blanket first, then paper, it is possible to print on almost any type of surface. This includes both standard papers like cardstock and glossy photo paper, as well as non-standard materials like plastic, metal, or even wood.

This flexibility means that businesses can get creative with their marketing materials, and really stand out from the competition. Offset Printing gives you the ability to print on a wide variety of substrates, limited only by your imagination, unlike digital printing which might be getting better every year but still not as wide of a range as offset printing paper options.

5. Larger paper sizes than digital printing

The size of an offset print is only limited by the size of the press. This means that businesses can order prints that are much larger than what is possible with digital printing. Offset presses at Disc Pro Graphics can print up to 40” wide which allows for massive amounts of flexibility in layouts and options for what can be printed.

The larger the sheet size the more of a single print you can get on the same sheet size. This option has made it possible for even printing several items from multiple projects at once. Digital Presses at Disc Pro Graphics have other benefits but are limited to only 14” across the sheet.

6. Fast print times for high volumes

Although digital printing has gotten faster over the years, it still can’t match the speed of an offset press. Offset Printing is ideal for businesses that need to print large volumes quickly, as the presses can churn out prints at a much faster rate than their digital counterparts.

This is perfect for companies that are running a large marketing campaign and need to get their materials out as quickly as possible. Offset Printing is also perfect for businesses that need to print large quantities of material on a regular basis, such as monthly newsletters or quarterly reports.

Disc Pro Graphics offers some of the fastest turnaround times in Offset Printing for the Houston TX area with our Heidelberg Speedmaster CX102.

7. High Volumes at Low Cost

Offset Printing uses a durable plate to transfer the image onto the paper at high speeds, businesses can order prints in large quantities and still get them at a low cost. The initial setup might be more expensive than digital printing, but once the plate has been made businesses can order as many prints as they need and not see a significant increase in price.

Perfect for commercial prints that need to print large quantities of marketing materials, such as flyers or posters, and several page brochures as they can get them at a low price without sacrificing quality.

Disc Pro Graphics offers some of the highest volumes of printing available with offset presses in the Houston area because of the amazing bindery services we offer directly on site.

8. Pantone Inks

Pantone Inks are an offset dream for marketing. Being able to hit ink colors SPOT on, (no pun intended). Not needing to worry about a CMYK Mixing or matching but knowing that a Pantone spot color will be exactly your brands desired color. Digital printing has expanded their inks in many ways but digital Pantone units are much more expensive than Offset Pantone inks.

Disc Pro Graphics is your one stop print shop for Pantone printing. We house our customers Pantone inks in quantities they need for offset printing volumes to make sure their exact colors are ready go for their latest offset printing projects.

Commercial Offset Printing benefits in Houston TX

Offset printing is a tried and true printing method that offers businesses a wide range of benefits that cannot be overlooked with needing some printing project completed. Offset Printing is perfect for businesses that need to produce large quantities of marketing materials quickly and at a low cost.

To gain a broader understanding of how offset printing fits into the wider spectrum of commercial printing techniques and their impact on business, explore our comprehensive guide on Mastering Commercial Printing: Techniques and Their Business Impacts.

If you are wondering whether your printing project should be printed offset or digital, we answer the question is offset printing better than digital printing?

At Disc Pro Graphics, we offer our clients some of the fastest turnaround times in Offset Printing for the Houston TX area with our Heidelberg Speedmaster CX102 press. If you’re in need of Offset Printing services, contact Disc Pro Graphics today and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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