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Printing business publication materials can be a difficult task. It requires a lot of time, effort and resources to ensure that the publication is printed accurately and efficiently. However, with Disc Pro graphics providing printing services, businesses can have even their most complicated publication needs fulfilled without any hassle.

Business publication printing services are available from Disc Pro Graphics with high-quality capabilities and precise distribution practices. Professional printing provides fast turnaround times and personalized customer service to meet your specific publication printing and mailing needs. With these services, you get access to an experienced staff that will help you get your beautiful publications from proof to mailing quickly and easily.

Publications are typically longer and more in-depth than other types of print marketing materials, such as flyers or brochures. They often contain a variety of information, including articles, interviews, and advertisements, and may be published on a regular basis, such as monthly, quarterly, or yearly for some of the larger publications.

One key factor that sets publications apart from other print marketing styles is their focus on providing information and engaging readers with interesting and relevant content. While other types of print marketing materials may be primarily focused on promoting a product or service, publications often aim to educate and inform readers about a particular topic or industry more extensively.

Another factor that sets publications apart is their format. They may be printed in a magazine style, with multiple pages and sections, or they may be presented as a book or report with updates spanning all across the business, or industry. The format of a publication will impact its content and how it is used by readers. Overall, publications differ from other print marketing styles in their focus on providing in-depth information and engaging readers through high-quality content.

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Why would a business use a commercial printer for printed publications over a franchise printer?

There are a few reasons why a business might choose to use a commercial printer like Disc Pro Graphics for the best business publications over a franchise printing company:

  1. Expertise: Professional Commercial printers often have a team of experienced experts who are trained in the latest printing techniques and technologies. They may be able to offer a wider range of services, such as layouts for your unique designs, and may have a better understanding of how to produce high-quality business publications. Disc Pro Graphics offers expertise in regular publication printing and mailing for a wide range of industries.
  2. Quality: Commercial printers often have state-of-the-art equipment and processes in place to ensure the highest quality prints. This can be particularly important for business publications, which may require precise color matching, clean lines, and clear text. Coupled with equipment is attention to detail for your specific printing project. This is a very personal touch that you will be hard-pressed to find at a common print shop.
  3. Customization: Disc Pro Graphics offers more customization options for business publications, different paper stock, binding, and finishing options. This can allow a business to create a publication that is tailored to its specific needs and branding. Disc Pro Graphics offers shelving your unique stocks and material on hand for your customized publications.
  4. Cost: While commercial printers may be more expensive than franchise print shops, they may be able to offer better value in the long run by producing high-quality prints that are just not achievable elsewhere. Saving businesses marketing budgets by not having to split up attention and costs between multiple print shops.

Businesses should consider using a commercial printer for their publications if they are looking for expert advice, high-quality prints, customization options, and the best value for their investment.


How to use printed business publications


Printed Publications reach large audiences

Publications have the clear distinction of packing in lots of information, larger than a brochure or flyer. Publications aren’t discarded like other smaller printings. Printed publications are an effective way for businesses to reach a larger audience, as they can be distributed to a wide range of people through mailings, handouts, or insertion into other media.

Publications offer unique characteristics that set them apart from other forms of print marketing materials. Publications focus on providing information and engaging readers with interesting and relevant content rather than simply promoting simplified versions of products or services. Additionally, publication formats may vary, ranging from magazines to books or reports with updates spanning across industries, engaging users with eye-catching images.


Publications Establish credibility

Digital marketing efforts reach far, but printed publications have a deeper impact on the end user for long-term credibility and professional appearances. Printed publications are an effective and reliable way for businesses to establish credibility. Digital marketing efforts may be able to reach more people, but printed media offers a more tangible and lasting connection. Printed publications offer the benefit of being seen in a physical form, providing an interesting and engaging experience to readers through its visual appeal and sophisticated presentation. In addition, publication printing can make a strong statement about the company’s commitment to quality. Publications are also more likely to be kept and shared, giving businesses the opportunity to gain new customers through referrals or word-of-mouth.


Publications promote Services and Products in great detail

Flyers usually take one of these to the general public’s attention, while a brochure and catalog can handle a few more. But Publications can have the unique ability to encompass both Services and Products in a very detailed and complete fashion compared to other printing methods.

Formats for publications may vary widely, ranging from magazines to books or reports, allowing businesses the opportunity to engage readers and make lasting impressions. Designed around the concept of deep valuable resources for businesses, publications offer ample room for taking a large database of information and packaging it in the most meaningful way possible. Disc Pro Graphics has been a leader in quality publication printing since 1999 and can help businesses create custom publications that are tailored to their specific needs and branding.


Publications can enhance branding

Because of their extensive formatting styles, you are not limited by space the way most brochures and small catalogs commonly do. Printing has always been prized for its ability to tangibly display large eye-catching images for advertising. Brochures and Flyers typically do not allow for this with limited spacing. Publications on the other hand allow for full edge-to-edge imagery that can capture the reader’s imagination without regard to the limited space seen within smaller printing formats. This leaves more room for prioritizing the feeling of the brand without the trade-off for packing in the text into a smaller package.


Creating Lasting Impressions with Printed Publications

It’s rare to come across a business publication that captivates your attention and gets discarded similar to an unwanted email. The nature of a good printed project is to be enjoyed, valued, shared, and appreciated. This is why there are printed design awards for the sheer enjoyment of the quality of print.

Publications have the unique opportunity to capture all this and still be an impacting marketing decision. Creative works can be enjoyed for their beauty again, and again and are not easily forgotten. Sharing the feeling of appreciation for beauty is how many publications are designed with this end goal in mind. Melted together with marketing intent and still, publications seem to not be looked at as something that is just taking up space.


Using Publications for a target audience

Marketing to a pre-determined audience can enhance the effectiveness of your publication printing. Printed material proves this time and time again. With the cost of printing being much more than that of a digital email campaign the effectiveness of a printed project usually comes out ahead because of the amount of forethought that goes into getting your publication in front of your target audience.

Successful businesses focus their efforts on those that will not waste their time and effort. Keeping close tabs and mailing lists on those customers that reciprocate their business values. Publications have a reputation for being used in the most successful marketing campaigns for this reason. If your business is prepared for this type of valued interaction with your customers then a professionally printed publication could be exactly what you need to share that appreciation with your target audience.


Perfect your marketing strategy with digital and Printed publications

Using digital efforts to complement well-designed printed publications and vice versa is becoming a business standard. In the modern business landscape, it is important to marry digital marketing with printed marketing in order to create a comprehensive and effective strategy.

Email campaigns and social media can be used alongside print advertising to reach a wide audience and promote products or services. Using both digital and printed materials, businesses are able to maximize their reach while also furthering impressions on readers through publication formats such as magazines, books, or reports.

Disc Pro Graphics has been providing quality publication printing since 1999, helping companies create custom publications that are tailored specifically for their digital marketing campaigns. With this combination of digital and printed materials, Disc Pro has helped businesses with the opportunity to engage customers in meaningful ways that will result in the most successful outcomes for their brand.


Printed publications not only convey your brand’s message but also solidify its identity in the marketplace. To understand more about how such print collateral forms the backbone of effective marketing strategies, discover our insights in the comprehensive guide to print collateral.

With the help of commercial printers like Disc Pro Graphics, which specialize in publication printing and mailing, businesses have access to expert advice, high-quality prints, customization options and value for their investment. Contact Us today for a quote or to get started with your Professionally printed Publication campaign strategies.

About Disc Pro Graphics: Located in Texas, Disc Pro Graphics is a Houston leader in the B2B commercial printing industry. With years of experience and a commitment to quality, we specialize in a wide range of custom, high-quality printing solutions.

Our expertise extends to booklets, brochures, business forms, banners, direct mail marketing materials, and more. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the complexities of any project, offering tailored solutions to meet our clients' diverse needs.

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