Why do we need Digital Printing in Business?

Offset, or traditional style printing, just cannot keep up with the quick changing demands that match the benefits of Digital Printing. Your marketing director issues a new postcard for a small group, or a brochure that needs to be tested tomorrow. Flyers and banners need to be designed and placed all around the campus. These are the fast solutions that digital printing puts within your reach.

Benefits of Digital Printing

These benefits of digital printing  are closely aligned with the reason that has made digital printing so successful in business strategies lately. Know when to utilize them. And know when to avoid their disadvantages. It can make or break a marketing budget when used incorrectly


Here are 5 reasons you need Digital Printing in Business.


1. Cost effective printing

Digital Printing fits the budget of these small business requirements more easily than larger offset projects. From direct mailing postcards, brochures and business cards these small runs are very cost effective marketing for businesses. Marketing tools like these are very strategic to the outcome of a successful campaign.

Lots of these costs can also be attributed to the advancements made in digital printing to keep the environment impact to an absolute minimum. Seeing how digital printing is more sustainable than ever is crucial for some businesses when choosing a cost they are willing to pay.


2. Quick printing speeds

Digital printing is fast once you have the file. When your design is completely finished and ready for print it can be prepped very fast and in your hands at speeds where it seems like magic. Being comfortable with the common digital papers and how they print, make getting your job back to you a piece of cake. Digital printing is fast and called Digital on-demand printing for a reason.

Benefits of digital printing fast printing speeds

3. Marketing attention

Because these smaller style jobs can be fulfilled so easily they can be used in so many marketing ways. The most popular way digital printing is used today is for Business Cards. But that is not all digital printing is good for. Because of the latest technological advances in Digital Printing it can be taken advantage of, for more than just a card. Anything from a 2 x 2 inch product ID tag, to Large Format sheets that are 4 feet by 8 feet can be printed digitally. Signs and banners of this size can be used to grab attention not only across a large room but across the busy street.


4. High quality printing

Nothing makes an impression like uniquely designed printed artwork. Digital Printing has the ability to outperform the color gamut of offset printing by up to 20%. When taking this into consideration for your designs being printed on digital presses, you can create more eye-catching prints that leave a lasting impression on your reader.

Designing especially for digital inks like Dimensional Clear ink you add impacts that are not just sight but textual feeling also.


5. Making it personal

With Digital printing, nothing needs to be an exact copy, every page can be completely different. Computers allow us to design random or personalized lists of information that make each page different from the next in a personal way.

One brand capitalized on this digital printing insight with their shelf products. By making each container different from the next. No two boxes their products came in were the same. This was a marketing move that unified itself with the companies core beliefs of their products uniqueness. Every project you send us, every sheet can be different and personalized. This can only be done by a digital press.

Benefits of digital printing Variable



With Disc Pro Graphics as your Digital Printer you can take advantages of every one of these benefits for your business. Utilizing digital printing in your business strategy is a must for making the most of your

1. Money,

2. Time,

3. Opportunity,

4. Customers attention,

5. Appreciation for your audience.

Now that you understand why your business needs digital printing and how to use this to your advantage. It’s time to start designing specifically for digital printing. Take a look at this advice on Tips for designing for a digital press.


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