Commercial Digital Printing in Houston at its Finest with Kodak Nexfinity

Digital printing in Houston has taken a major leap forward in quality, speed and opportunities!

Disc Pro Graphics is proud to announce the next amazing press available in Houston’s commercial digital printing line-up the Kodak Nexfinity. This brand new Nexfinity has enhanced Disc Pro Graphics current capabilities and taken it to a whole new level of impressive heights.

Kodak’s engineering has accomplish impressive capabilities by taking the most amazing features you could imagine out of all digital printing possibilities and manage to assemble them into a single press.

Disc Pro Graphics has used Kodak’s Digital Press lineup for over 10 years and has been proud to show off its amazing printing feats. Utilizing all the major printing advancements that the NexPress line-up offers. White, Dimensional, Gold, Clear, and Red Pantone inks have been a common part of our digital printing process. Added with 14 inch cross section and up to 40 inches long.

Added to these awesome things we have added Kodak’s latest with the Nexfinity. Blue Pantone Inks, Metallic Clear, and Fluorescent Red Ink, and an impressive 140 A4’s per minute. At these speeds, the Nexfinity improves our digital printing production speed by 40%.


Disc Pro Graphics Professional Houston Printing

Disc Pro Graphics Commercial Digital Printing Team

Scott Saunders, Miguel Medina, Tanner Magnus, Bradley Miller

Speed Matters in Digital Printing, and the Kodak Nexfinity Delivers!

Printing speed is critical and as digital presses lag far behind offset and web they still are gaining year after year. Disc Pro Graphics is excited to see this major speed increase for our digital team to offer solid production delivery times. Kodak’s Nexfinity gives us the speed we are looking for. 


New Digital Printing Dry Ink Colors


Disc Pro Graphics is now offering NEW Dry Ink Colors! Adding to our current inks are three new colors for digital design to use. Originally with our NexPress we had 5 special ink colors for designers to select from. Adding new options for designers to choose from allow for even more unique printing visualizations and extraordinary design ideas.

Whether you’re a designer, printer, or business owner, our Kodak Nexfinity digital printing press gives you the freedom to create and experiment with your designs like never before. With the ability to print on a wide range of materials including paper, plastic, and more, there are endless possibilities for what you can create. So if you’re looking to take your work to the next level, look no further than Disc Pro Graphics with our Kodak Nexfinity digital printing!


Blue Dry Ink

Blue PMS colors are popular for company logos and identifiable marketing. Selected Pantones are difficult to recreate using strictly C,M,Y,K. This Dry Ink expands the color gamut and increases accuracy of Blue PANTONES printed by our digital press. Allowing us to recreate a consistent and familiar color your prints need.

Deep rich blue hues cannot be overstated. These versatile and eye-catching shades are a staple in the world of commercial printing, offering designers endless possibilities for creative expression. Whether you’re looking to create stunning print collateral or simply add an extra pop of color to your work, blue PANTONE colors are sure to help you stand out from the crowd and bring your designs to life.


Metallic Clear

Creating Metallic designs are commonly used for the most eye-catching artwork. Needing to reflect and jump right off the page. Using metallic Dry Ink to showcase spectacular silvers and any other reflective metallic artwork.

Metallic Clear Dry Ink Kodak Nexfinity New color at Disc Pro Graphics Houston Commercial Digital Printing

Red Fluorescing Dry Ink

One of the most uniquely designed inks allows  you to print the your own verifiable authentic prints. This Clear ink reflects UV light as red and cannot be simply recreated with any common scanner or printer. Allowing you to maximize unique ticketing prints or authentic identification of products. 

Red Fluorescing Dry Ink Kodak Nexfinity New color at Disc Pro Graphics Houston Commercial Digital Printing

Increased Production Speeds with Nexfinity!

Disc Pro Graphics digital on demand department wants to provide you with the best possible turn around times for the quickest print requests. Kodak’s Nexfinity allows us to keep up with the fast paced demand of the commercial digital printing industry.

With our fastest digital printing speeds yet Disc Pro Graphics will be able to see a 40% increase of print volume within the same amount of time previously. This increase of print production will allow us to stay competitive in the commercial print industry and make our customers satisfied even with larger print orders.


Commercial Digital printing Industry in Houston

We are excited to see what new and innovative ways our customers will utilize our brand new Kodak Nexfinity digital printing press. With its versatile capabilities, we anticipate seeing some truly spectacular print jobs coming from our customer base in the near future. Keep an eye out for great things happening with commercial digital printing using Kodak technology!

Disc Pro Graphics has more amazing things on the way! Stay tuned for the latest in Kodak PRINERGY Printing workflow and other software that will be available to make your commercial printing experience as smooth as possible. Whether its offset printing, digital, or large format our services aim to exceed your expectations. Commercial Printing in Houston has never been better


Lets try out the New Nexfinity Digital Press capabilities!