New things are happening at DiscPro!

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Another tool in our toolbox at DiscPro Printing.

We now have added in-line UV to our press.

Large Format Printing

Updating our equipment and capabilities at DiscPro Printing and Graphics.

Not just ink on paper anymore.

Our new flat bed printer can print on just about any flat substrate.

Everything from wood, metal, ceiling tiles, and acrylic as you see here.

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Digital Printing

Print-on-Demand is growing fast. Our digital department is able to keep up with quick last minute demands at amazing quality standards.

Digital Printing has enabled our customers to unify their printing projects with other offset, large format and mailing inquiries for a more effective timeline in getting your materials where they need to be. 

Disc Pro Graphics digital printing has kept up with the pressing demands of the newest amazing abilities by this cutting edge industry. We are always up to the challenge of the newest ideas of how to get your eye-catching designs onto the most unique substrates.

See how our printing capabilities compares!

Offset Printing

Disc Pro Offset Printing

Large Format Printing

Disc Pro Large Format PrintingCommercial Large Format Printing in Houston We have Houston's Best Large format Printing on every scale, on the widest array of materials.  We specialize in unque and custom designs.  You can read more about the wide range of substrates...

Why do we need Digital Printing in Business?

Why do we need Digital Printing in Business? Offset, or traditional style printing, just cannot keep up with the quick changing demands that match the benefits of Digital Printing. Your marketing director issues a new postcard for a small group, or a brochure that...

Backlit Sign Printing for Generations Church in Spring Texas

Backlit Sign Printing for Generations Church in Spring Texas Generations Church in Spring Texas on Rayford Road uses our backlit sign printing as their way of communicating. Generations Church opted to go with this style of sign back in 2018 and have been using them...

Book Printing for New Day Family Counseling

Disc Pro Graphics was delighted to print a 36 pg. + Cover perfect bound book for New Day Family Counseling. This is a local Family Counselor that specializes in Trauma Counseling and Counseling for children. Stephanie Walsh M.S., LPC, NCC has written a helpful book...

Custom Printed overhead Ceiling Tiles

Custom Printing Ceiling Tiles Printed Ceiling tiles allow you to create a feeling from every room that would in otherwise practically be impossible by only painting the walls. We have the ability to help you assemble a feeling for every ceiling.  Decorative...

Digital Printing Benefits

Digital Printing is expanding faster than ever. We are seeing the rise of Digital Printing technology that is pushing the limits of printing in a different way than offset printing has done in the past. These needs have given rise to the unique benefits and advantages...

Top Design tips for best digital printing.

Digital Printing has come along way since its conception. It has its advantages and disadvantages compared to offset printing but still holds its own in the Printing Market. Here are some valuable tips when designing your next project specifically for digital presses....

11 Critical tips for Digital Printing

Digital Printing provides its own world of distinct obstacles when it comes to getting your printing just right. We're gonna help you navigate the best practices when it comes to preparing your files for digital printing. From beginning to end, we're gonna make this...

Digital Printing

Disc Pro Digital Printing