Custom Printing Ceiling Tiles

Printed Ceiling tiles allow you to create a feeling from every room that would in otherwise practically be impossible by only painting the walls. We have the ability to help you assemble a feeling for every ceiling.


Disc Pro Graphics Ceiling Tile

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

With the ability to customize the ceiling not being off limits, the feeling of every room can be completely as you desire.

We have created a unique open space for our CSRs at Disc Pro Graphics.

Printed Ceiling Tiles at Disc Pro Graphics
Printing Ceiling tiles sky

Large Format Printing Projects

If you have never seen this before in person it really does look amazing and is a must see for yourself. Come by and visit us at Disc Pro, we’ll be excited to see what you think. And what kind of large format printing projects you have in mind for us to assist you with.

Customized Business Office Printing

These custom tiles can be designed directly for your business to create whatever ambiance is necessary or beneficial for your surroundings. Disc Pro Graphics is ready to see what tricks you have up your sleeve for our large format digital presses to accomplish for you.

I'm ready to get my large format printing started!