How to Request a Quote

for Printing in Houston

Commercial Printing Quote

Requesting a quote is easy, but to make it as smooth as possible there are some easy things that can be done to make sure your printing in Houston goes smoothly.

It’s best to have all the info for Disc Pro Graphics to give you the most accurate quote for your printing project. When describing your printing be sure and add all the details. The more details you provide helps us make the best possible assesment of the printing services you are in need of.


I already have artwork, what do I do next?

When requesting a quote specify what kind of artwork you have available. A PDF, or inDesign packages with high quality artwork is best when requesting a print job with Disc Pro Graphics. If these file formats are not what you have available please specify what you have available. To see a complete list of what files we work with look at “Which file formats are accepted for printing?”

Which File formats are accepted for printing?

Disc Pro Graphics Prints from High Quality PDF’s. but there are many ways to create a printable pdf from other formats. Disc Pro Graphics prefers Adobe Acrobat PDF’s, Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign Packages. Anything else such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher can be used to create a printable artwork pdf’s, but require additional graphics that need to save with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

This is also best practice for any other approved file artwork to be at least 300 dpi when sent to Disc Pro Graphics. When packaging an inDesign file make sure all JPG, TIF, PNG, & EPS files are linked and along with all fonts used within the documents. Fonts will need to be embedded for printing and editing. Font files are extremely important for all variable data being done by Disc Pro Graphics for direct mailing.

Which details are needed for my quote?

For the most successful printing experience here are the details you’ll need in your

1. What kind of artwork being provided.

2. What is the size of the printed project, The initial print size and the final print size.

Measure this width from left to right as the first dimension. As an example 8.5” for a standard letter followed by the heigth as 11” in our letter size example. This makes for the most clear expectation of the printed project.

3. What kind of paper will you want it to be printed on. Gloss, dull, uncoated, Cover, text, and which color.

4. 1 or 2 sided printing.

5. Colors of Ink, black ink only? Or does it consist of CMYK ink. If your document contains a PMS spot color and this needs to be used let us know up front if this is not to be printed after being converted to its closest CMYK conversion.

Also Digital printing can contain White, Clear, Dimensional Clear / Raised clear, Red Pantone, Gold ink,

If you are wanting an offset coating such as UV gloss ink, aqueous, sparkle, or soft touch coating this needs to be requeseted in the details of the quote.

6. What is your quantity needing to be printed?

7. Binding, Finishing, and Fulfillment info you are aware that you’ll need to complete your project. This includes everything from cutting, scoring, stitching, glueing, folding, stuffing, mailing, lamination, hole-punching, perforations, die-cutting, boxing, shrink wrapping,  There are a number of service that assist in completing every job and to ensure your satisfaction with your printing services.

8. Due Date. when is the printing project due ?

9. And any shipping or packaging details.

I'm ready to get my printing started!