Kodak Print for Good supports literacy Worldwide


Over the years Disc Pro Graphics has been honored to be apart of many endeavors that have brought around much good. One thing we prize especially is the Print for Good by Kodak which produced thousands of children’s books and school supplies.

PrintAction which is a magazine dedicated to the print and imaging industry recognized Disc Pro Graphics as being apart of this life changing event for underdeveloped and impoverished areas of the world.

Kodak is always doing amazing things to further the importance of printing, and has played a crucial role in the services that Disc Pro Graphics is able to offer to our customers in Houston. We were joined by Tad Carpenter which runs a Design and Branding Studio to check out how Digital Printing has evolved the Printing business for Disc Pro Graphics.



Throughout the improvements at Disc Pro our digital team has kept up with customers demands for the latest in digital printing technology and made sure the best we can offer is always available to you.

Digital-on-Demand Print has grown with the development of our Web-to-Print storefronts that we can offer each of our customers access to their own individual products in a secure online storefront at their convenience.


Digital On-Demand Printing in Houston Texas

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