What is UV-Ultra Coating?

Simply put this is a High-Gloss Print Coating. This coating gives your artwork a shine to catch the attention of your intended audience. 

Ultra Violet Coating is a liquid applied during the printing process and cured with ultra violet light. This curing process allows the coating to harden providing a rich shine and accents your colors beneath.  Protecting it from marks and abrasions with its hard finish. Helping the ink to dry, this also benefits the details in your print stand out above the rest, such as your company logo and other images needing to be accented.


Ultra Violet Coating Lights in Heidelberg Speedmaster CX102

Discover the enhanced aesthetics and durability of UV ultra coating in offset printing with Disc Pro Graphics. This advanced finishing technique adds a premium touch to printed materials, making colors pop and providing extra protection. For a deeper dive into how UV offset printing can elevate your business’s print needs with its rapid, high-quality, and versatile solutions, read more about Maximizing Business Value with Disc Pro Graphics’ UV Offset Printing.

Ultra Violet Coating for Offset Printing at Disc Pro Graphics