Commercial Large Format Printing, What is Large Format Printing?

What is large format printing?

Large format printing is a great way to make marketing tools for your business. By using large format printing, you can create custom marketing materials that will help you stand out from the competition. Additionally, large format printing is perfect for trade shows and other events where you need to make a big impression. Unlike commonly printed paper these prints are much larger.

Large format printing is a printing technique that uses large, specialized printers to produce high-quality prints. This type of printing is perfect for businesses that need to create large posters, vinyl banners, or other marketing materials. Additionally, large format printing can be used for personal projects, such as creating large photos for your business.

Disc Pro Graphics provides the best large format printing services for your small or large businesses printing projects, trade shows, or advertising.

What are the differences between large format printers, and wide format printers?

A Large format printer is typically used for printing large items above the standard 13 x 19 range of small format , while wide format printers are used for printing services that require a large print area. The terms between the two are not well defined and need to be set by your commercial printer as to the capabilities they have.

Here are some of the things you should expect a Large format printing company to be able to do.

  • Banners
  • Posters
  • In-store displays
  • Promotional signage
  • Trade show displays
  • Wall Murals
  • Wayfaring signs
  • Backdrops

It is when you start to enter the 8’+ territory that things become different.

What is Grand format Printing?

As you get larger than 8 feet things start morphing into Grand Format Printing sizes. Things just keep getting larger!

How important is Large Format Printing?

Business marketing would be completely different without large format printing options. This printing process allows businesses to market their brand and product in a way that is eye-catching, informative, and leaves a lasting impression. The Larger the print the further it can be seen. This is perfect for businesses that want to draw attention with custom size prints from afar such as car dealerships, grand openings, and special sales.

The Best Large Format Printers in Houston will provide you with several options of materials to print on on this larger scale format.

What are the large format printing benefits?

There are Many benefits of Large format printing, We will briefly go over the most known. 

Increased size and visibility

Large format prints are highly visible, especially when placed in strategic locations. Large size means increased visibility can lead to more customers and more sales. Printing larger than 13′ x 19′ signs gives you the visibility that you need to have during large events.

Enhanced impact

Large quality printing allows you to customize your marketing materials to match your brand identity. This customization can help you stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression on potential customers. Making Unique printed Banner stands that are designed for strategic engagements allows you to keep the cost low and more relative than just your companies name on a sign.

Increased flexibility

With large format printing, you have more options when it comes to design and layout, colors and material. This increased flexibility can help you create marketing materials that better meet your needs and the needs. Ranging from cheap to elegant material you can better cover the range of communication in many settings for your business.

What is large format printing used for?

An excellent example of large format are banner stands. Large stands that are used for events. The newest large format trend are wall murals and wall time-lines where the business history and stories are displayed professionally down the side of the wall. This is an excellent way to engage with large groups of people in a short amount of time.

Roll-to-Roll vs. Flat Bed Large format printing

Large format printers are generally divided into two categories: flat bed and roll-to-roll.

Roll-to-roll printing is a large format printing process that prints images on a continuous roll of paper, Vinyl, fabrics and other substrate. This gives roll-to-roll printers several advantages over flat bed printers, including faster production times and the ability to print larger images, continually moving the roll forward as the print head moves back and forth across the same plane rather than individual sheets at a single time. This technique improves the print speed compared to flat bed printers. This technique is used for prints on large scale vinyl banners.

Flat bed printers print on a stationary surface, so the print head must move back and forth across the entire image. This does effect the print speed, but allows for printing on large rigid panel that measure at a very thick depth. Such as a one inch clear acrylic. Other popular flat bed printing materials are vinyl, composites, foam board, acrylic, corrugated plastic, fiber board, glass, metal and wood.

Are printing files normally prepared any different for large format printing?

The types of files used for large format printing are PDFs.

Before sending a files to be printed, there are some things to check for during the prepress stage:

Check the resolution of the file. The ideal resolution for large format printing is 300 dpi at the final print size. Remember these images will be very large and spread out over many inches, and when viewed from up close you will be able to see imperfections or pixelated areas of photo prints. These images need to be a high resolution to be viewed without drawing attention to bad quality. 300 Dots per Inch is an optimal export setting for images to get the best image quality.

Check the color mode of the file. Large format printing generally uses CMYK color mode. CMYK is a printing standard so, to make sure you are going to get as close to what you see on your screen, save the pdf in a CMYK Color mode.

Make sure the file is the correct size and orientation for the final print. Computer images are saved in a pixel format. but Pdf’s are best for keeping printed media stored with all the necessary information, including the document size. Having a pdf with the wrong trim size could be a waste of material and money if not caught before printing.

How long does Large Format printing last?

Large format prints are generally more durable than other types of prints. They are less prone to fading and are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. This is highly due to the high quality of UV ink that is used for the various substrates of these large prints. Large format printing technology utilizes UV Based drying inks to better adhere to these wide range of surfaces, giving you the best long term image quality.

What to expect from a commercial large format printer

Disc Pro Graphics is Houston’s Best Large Format Printer, we specialize in commercial prints for a wide range of Printing services that best match business marketing needs, and directly compliment our other offset and digital printing services. We hold all of these printing services at high quality requirements.

Disc Pro Graphics also utilizes a flat bed cutter, and routing machine for the most custom sizes and uniquely shaped marketing materials that can be designed. Making use of these machines together gives us the best prices for our workflow to provide you amazing prints at the best price.

Disc Pro Graphics is a trusted partner by many small and large businesses in their marketing endeavor to find a large format printer in the Houston area. Our Large format printing services are second to none in the Commercial Printing industry for Houston TX. Disc Pro Graphics is dedicated to the highest quality large format prints for your banners, posters, and other wide format material.

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