Printed Invitation for Lavavdula Design

Our customers who let their imagination fly, continues to push our printing boundaries to the max. Disc Pro Graphics is able to print your amazing eye-catching designs we love, for the impression you intend to make. We are able to work closely with you to make sure every detail in your print work is the way you want.

From print coatings to cutting, Disc Pro Graphics is the professional Houston printer you want at your fingertips to make sure you’re getting your returns from the investment you put into your brochure’s, pamphlets, and invitations.

We have professional experience printing for the top design and advertising agencies in the Houston and Greater Houston area.


Production Details

Pop-up Invitation

Paper Stock

120 lb. Accent Opaque Smooth Cover

Ink Colors

CMYK 4/4


Lavandula Design provides some of the most amazing design services based here in Houston.

Disc Pro Graphics Offset team

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