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What is Digital Printing in Cypress, TX?

Digital Printing is the process of using digital media files and directly printing them using a machine onto various substrates. This technique of digitally transferring the image is done without the use of plates, as is used in offset printing. By utilizing this image to substrate process, setup and completion of short printing runs are made easier and are more cost effective.

Perfecting how you design for digital printing jobs is key to having the best experience with getting your projects through without any problems.


What are the benefits of digital printing?

Let’s get right into what is best about Digital Printing:

  • Quick turn-around times
  • Fast setup for proofing
  • Cost conscious short runs
  • Easier last minute changes
  • Variable data printing

While digital printing technology continues to improve, Disc Pro has continued to provide the benefits of digitally printing on-demand. This technology has been perfectly fitted for many of our customers projects. Learn more about the Benefits of Digital printing in depth.


What are the drawbacks of digital printing?

  • Fewer printing material options
  • Less color accuracy
  • Large volume jobs have higher costs
  • Slightly lowered sharpness and quality


Digital Printing Technology at Disc Pro Graphics in Cypress, TX

Disc Pro Graphics provides the latest in printing technology. Every possible feature is available for you to press the boundaries of printed material design.  Digital printing ink has come a long way since 1989, and Disc Pro provides new ink colors beyond cyan, magenta and yellow. This mean less limitations on while designing your brochures, and catalogs.

Clear ink allows us to cover artwork designs from edge to edge with protective coatings. This same ink can also be used as an image enhancement and placed within the design itself.

Gold Ink shines on any material, not needing an underlay of white for colored substrates. Gold gives a beautiful bright reflection.

White Ink is another option that is available. This enables is to print designs or darker substrates. And also allows is to create multi-color designs on top of white ink by utilizing C,M,Y,K on top of the fused white ink during a 2nd pass.

Raised Ink or dimensional ink, adds dimension to your prints giving an impression, literally right into the fingers. This ink, designed to sit right up off the paper in hand, above all the rest of the ink makes itself know to the admirer. 

Red ink, this ink expands the standard C,M,Y,K color range to include the harder to reach red Pantone shades. This ink reaches further into the color spectrum, giving your artwork the much needed pop it was designed to have.

Disc Pro Graphics is able to print a wide range of sizes on our digital presses. From A-2 Envelopes to 14” x 40”, this means your design is not limited to only standard size designs when working with Disc Pro for your printing. We are always encouraging to push new boundaries.

Matte Ink Fusing, the ability to fuse ink with a matte surface to reveal a silky smooth appearance. This visualization appears in contrast to the most common style of glossy inks and toners from common digital printing jobs.

Full bleed printed envelopes, with the ability to cover an entire envelope from edge-to-edge with your artwork, your envelopes will stand out among others.


Learn even more about Digital Printing Technology

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Digital Printing Houston Disc Pro Graphics

Quick tips for Digital Printing in Cypress, TX

These easy to make adjustment will insure you are satisfied with your digital prints.

  • Source files are best

The list of software for designing print-ready files is ever growing. High quality source files are best when preparing your work for Disc Pro. Packaging your source files makes it easier for any edits that might need to be made after you believe the job is ready.

This includes images, fonts and text frames in your artwork ready for your unique layout to be managed easily with last minute changes. If you are only providing a high quality PDF, then make sure your fonts being used are completely embedded so that any requested last minute changes are able to be followed through seamlessly. Providing these fonts will be critical when needing variable data printed for direct mail marketing in Cypress, TX.

  • Use CMYK in your PDF documents

When designing on a computer, your document needs to be displayed in a C,M,Y,K value, this will make sure that when the job is rasterized there is less distortion of color from your original expectations. RGB is great for computer displays but does not translate identically into print.

  • Select digital approved papers

With so many types of paper to choose from its easy to get side tracked with the most unique soft touches, and textures, but this simple reminder to make sure it is a digital press approved papers could save you lots of headache. Before supplying your own paper for your job, check with Disc Pro to see if there is a Digital version of the paper you are wanting to use.

Here are a few dependable references for digital papers you can find for your next Disc Pro Digital printing job.

Digital Paper from Clampitt

Digital Paper from Lindenmeyr Munroe

  • Be aware your computer monitor will not match your digital print 100%

Computer screens have come far, though still not able to recreate all visible light, but the color range of C,M,Y,K is even smaller, so what you see on your screen will most likely not match color for color on your prints. Being aware of this will make sure that you do not push your designs to the brightest boundaries.

  • How to get the richest blacks

Here’s a printing trick for making sure you get the richest black, instead of only using 100K, try using 40C, 40M, 30Y, 100K, this is Disc Pro’s Standard for rich black.

  • Be sure to add bleed

During the creation of your documents bleed might be something that you don’t always remember, but if you want your artwork to go right to the edge of the sheet, you will need bleed. Setup at least .125 in. or 9pt bleed in your document settings all the way around and drag your artwork over the edge of the trim mark. This practice becomes ever more critical the more complicated your print job becomes, folding, die cutting, and stitching, Just make sure when you export the PDF for print it includes the bleed setup originally in the document settings.

  • Hard proofs will best match your final printed job.

When requesting a proof, there might be a few changes by pre-press checklists, such as changing images to CMYK, and stretching any artwork that might not be placed past the edge for bleed. But unless it is a near reprint of a previous job, your best bet on what you will receive being what you expect will be come from seeing a hard proof. Hard Proofs are printed on the substrate requested, and on the press your job will be schedule on.

Digital press hard proofs are critical for knowing what to expect when you receive your final prints. PDF proofs might have slight changes if your documents weren’t prepared enough for printing, and soft proofs might not be printed on the correct stock, or even on the same press, and you could be in for a surprise.

  • Textured paper will effect the ink coverage.

When you choose a textured paper for your project these some of the most popular finishes, laid, linen, felt, column, vellum, & wove. These different textures have valleys where the digital ink might not completely fill, making small breaks in your ink coverage. Make sure to steer clear of too many printed faces on textured paper unless specifically requested to print on the wire side.

  • Large Solid areas of color

Digital Printing utilizes electricity to transfer images to substrate, unlike offset. This being understood, large areas of solid colors are not optimal for Digital presses and if they can be avoided or overlayed with textured images or text this can help to insure a more consistent print.


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Our digital print team has been hard at work with Kodak to show how impressive our commercial digital printing machine can be.

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