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What is Large Format Printing in Katy, TX?

This style of printing is usually referred to for anything that is printed larger than normal sheet fed printing, which can either be digital or offset printing. Usually the term is relative and refers to multiple styles of digital printing, it can either be flat bed printing or rolled up vinyl and other materials.

Large format has grown to fill the business demand of advertising and marketing. Large material to cover areas to get the most attention from far distances. Large format also carries the unique ability to print very specific for up close viewing of details. This has been utilized in timelines on Commercial business walls.

Large Format Printing Katy, TX

Disc Pro Graphics offers several options for Large format printing.

  • In Store Displays
  • Banner Stands
  • Horizontal Banners
  • Wall Posters
  • Window Business decor
  • Customized Ceiling Tiles
  • Event Announcements
  • Charts and Diagrams
  • Counter signs

…. and much more.


The Best Large Format Printing Katy, TX has to offer

Here is a quick overview of the printing materials we commonly have on hand at Disc Pro Graphics.


1) 18oz scrim vinyl banner – strong, flexible banner for indoor or outdoor use.

With taped hems and brass grommets, easy to hang with ropes, zip-ties, or bungees.

Max: 50”w x up to 30’ long

2) 3mil adhesive vinyl – great for wall, window, and floor graphics

Gloss or Matte surface;

Permanent, removable, or low-tack adhesive

variety of laminates for protection (gloss, luster, or matte; textured for floors; polycarbonate for extra durability)

Max: 52”w x 30’ long

3) 3mm white ACM (aluminum composite material) – high-end commercial graphics, commercial decor; signage and wayfinding

Comes in white or brushed aluminum surfaces

Max size is 48”x96”

4) 1/4” clear acrylic – great for backlit or day/night displays; high-end commercial graphics; commercial decor

Normally printed second-surface to be viewed through acrylic.

Also comes in 3/16” and 1/2” thick.

Max size is 48”x96”

5) 5mm white rigid foam board – POP graphics, signs, short-term, light-weight displays; counter signs, Posters

Also available in 10mm thick

Max size is 48”x96”

6) 5mm Black rigid foam board – POP graphics, signs, short-term, light-weight displays; counter signs, Posters

Also available in 10mm thick

Max size is 48”x96”

7) 4mm white corrugated plastic – yard signs; low-cost, short-term outdoor signs – not limited to rectangles

Also available in 10mm thick

Max size is 48”x96″

8) 1/8” thick white corrugated fiber board – POP signage; counter signs, short–medium term indoor graphics; recyclable!

Can be scored for folding (1/16” – 3/16” thicknesses)

Also available in 1/16”, 3/16”, 1/4”, and double-layer 1/4” (for extra rigidity)

Max size is 48”x96”

9) 3mm white PVC board – medium-term, more durable graphics than rigid foam boards. Framed or supported POP graphics; trade show graphics; wall panels

Also available in 6mm thick

Also available in WBB

Max size is 48”x96”

Learn more about Large Format Printers Disc Pro Graphics uses.

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