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Disc Pro Graphics offers Offset Printing Services in Spring, Tx

Offset printing is the ideal technique for business and professional printing in Spring, Texas, and across the world. Offset printing technology has been around for a century, but it has continued to improve. To provide its customers with the greatest offset printing services possible, Disc Pro Graphics utilizes the most up-to-date printing technology.

Disc Pro Graphics is a full-service printing company that has been providing high quality offset printing to the Spring area for over 25 years. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible printing experience, and our offset printing technology is the best in the business.


What is Commercial Offset Printing in Spring, TX?

Offset Printing, also called offset lithography , or litho-offset, is the process of using metal plates, usually zinc and aluminum, to transfer an image onto a rubber blanket, which at last transfers this ink to substrate.  The method of using a rubber cylinder blanket was discovered and developed into what offset printing is today instead of transferring the image from a plate directly to the paper. Offset printing plates function based off the principle that grease and water do not mix. The plate is treated with an image that binds with the ink and the un-treated portion of the plate rejects the ink by holding onto the water. 

Digital printing on the other hand, is a process that bypasses the need for a printing plate all together. A digital file is sent directly to the press where it is outputted on substrate. This type of print is best used for small print jobs because there is no need to create plates, which can become costly. This is one of the benefits of digital printing.

Commercial offset printing is just one of our many printing services here at Disc Pro Graphics


Commercial Offset Printing at Disc Pro Graphics in Spring, TX

What are the benefits of offset printing in Spring, TX?

These are just a few of the benefits of offset printing. Disc Pro Graphics specializes in the highest quality of commercial offset printing available and doing so requires us to be the most proficient at the best that offset printing has to offer.

  • Consistent High Quality Imaging
  • Large quantities of printing at low cost
  • Printing on most any surfaces.
  • Fast Printing at large volumes.
  • More Pantones and Metallic colors are available


Offset Printing Technology at Disc Pro Graphics in Spring, TX

Disc Pro Graphics pushes to provide the latest in Offset printing technology. Every possible feature is available for you to press the boundaries of printed material design. And although offset printing has been around for ages it still has a few tricks up its sleeve that might surprise you in the end.

At Disc Pro Graphics we have multiple Offset presses and we are proud to showcase our Heidelberg CX102 Speedmaster, which is the fastest 6 color offset press in the Spring area at 16,500 impressions per hour. That is a lot of printing. Disc Pro graphics is known for its offset printing speed, the ability to make offset runs as fast as possible gives us the ability to keep up with your printing demands even at its peak.

As offset printing has evolved, we have evolved with it. Keeping up with the latest ink coatings being made available to the market. Digital Printing has had its strides as well, thats why many are asking is offset printing better than digital? They both seem to have their own place in the printing market.

Aqueous Coating, UV Ultra Coating, Metallic Pantones, Soft Touch, Pearlescent Coating, Sparkle Coating and even Scented Varnish.

These additions help us provide the most uniquely designed pocket folders, the eye catching direct mailers, and magazines you can’t put down. The latest in offset printing technology has enabled us to offer a wide arrange of synthetics for package printing. We can’t wait for the next thing to learn and master in the offset printing industry.


Spring, TX Offset Printing

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